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The Democrats dream for America

This is what happens when the poilticans are allowed to suspend the law for their political agenda and not offend their voters. In Rochester, NY 80 stores were looted, some totaly ransacked.

They recruited over 150 volunteers to quickly clean-up the broken glass and mess the looters left in their wake. They didn't want photos of the trashed stores going all over the internet. They had to quickly hide the serious damage and products stolen out of the stores.

Who didn't get looted? Stores with armed security were left alone.

Most of the stores pictured were looted, some were boarded to stop looters.



GOA's letter on Issuance of Extreme Risk Protection Order (“ERPO”) (Red Flag Law),.Against United States Senator Charles Schumer of Brooklyn, New York




Second Amendment Rights Lobby day in Richmond Virginia


On January 20, 2020, Virginia gun owners as well as Second Amendment supporters came to Richmond to lobby against the new Governors and democrat legislators proposed new draconian gun control measures even stricter than NY's SAFE Act.

Despite the Governors "state of emergency" and supposed rumors of violent actions by "white supremacist, racist, nazis etc. the March on Richmond happened. Official estimates by the media and government sources said 20 - 22 thousand (20,000 - 22,000) showed up. Unofficial totals went as high as 40 thousand (40,000). The state capital was awash in Second Amendment supporters from all over Virginia and many other states. Most carrying one or more firearms. Surprise, no one fired a round, no one was arrested and Richmond had probably the lowest crime day in its history.

Many reporters despite being ready to show how the great unwashed redneck gun nuts would be vile and violent, were shocked at the relaxed atmosphere and civil nature of the participants.

Of course despite the massive turnout and the overwhelming sanctuary city movement the democrat laden legislature voted for the new gun control bills and Governor Northam signed them.

So much for our representatives listening to the people.


Here are a few pictures taken by co-host Bill Robinson who attended the rally.

Meeting in Chanango County for Sanctuary County

Most atendents wanted to get rid of the Gov. Cuomo.

The recent bills including the bail reform act that the NY legislature passed and Cuomo signed was a major subject along with the recent gun laws that passed.

Constitutional/Sanctuary county was the most important topic.

There were 270 people attend (many inside hall watching)

Sheriff's attending were: Ernest R. Cutting, Jr. (Chanango Co.) and Lewis County Sheriff Michael P. Carpinelli.

Several speakers, Claudia Tenney former House of Representatives Congresswoman, GOA-NY President Mike Mastrogiovanni, Sheriff Cutting, Joe Cirigliano the leader of the program, 3 representatives from the Libertarian Party, several others running for political offices.

Many in the room signed the Sanctuary County petition paper master list. It looks like they have now over 3000 signatures for the Sanctuary County petition.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:


Should New York State be divided Upstate from Downstate?
A proposal to secede the 53 Upstate Counties from Downstate.

Watch the New Amsterdam Project youtube video

For mor information and the online petition
click the link below

New Amsterdam web site

Turnabout is Fair play!

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) for New York State counties.   With the help of Erich Pratt at Gun Owners of America and his legislative counsel, this template was adapted for NYS counties. It is modeled after the SASO that passed in 8 State of Oregon counties last November. Unlike county resolutions, SASO's have teeth, and actually punish county employees for non-compliance.

This is another tool we have to help protect our Second Amendment.   Please it print out, get a few friends together and take it to your county sheriff and county legislatures.    Nobody is going to protect our Second Amendment except us!

PDF of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance



Requiring hunting license, 5 hr safety class & test, Shooting test with 90% accuracy, notarized proof of passing drug test and mental health evaluation, proof of purchase of a firearm and ammo storage depositories, Back ground check

Banning 50 caliber firearms

Serial #s and registration of home built firearms , including "80% " lowers

Limit purchases of rifle/shotgun to 1 per 90 days.

"Red Flag" law

Micro Stamping requirement

Bump stock/ rapid fire modification ban

Safe Storage requirement

Mandatory firearms safety course

Raise minimum age to possess firearms to 21 more rabbit hunting for teens.
16 for spring or air powered guns ( BB, airsoft, paintball ?)

"Ghost Guns" and 80% frames
Wording makes it unlawful to field strip your firearm.

Extends from 3 days to 30 days a hold on firearm purchase if NICS comes back as a "delay" .
Currently, if there is a "delay" during the mandatory back ground check , ATF has 3 days to investigate and "deny" a purchase else the system automatically updates to " Approve" . Proposal is to extend the 3 day investigation window to 30 days before system automatically approves sale

Flame thrower ban
Which sux cuz there are a couple for sale on Ebay.
Wording could make torches illegal. This could affect muffler shops and steel fabrication shops.

A collection of Second Amendment related articles

Current Court Actions
and Legislation News

Attorney Jim Ostrowski responds to SAFE Act in Reply Brief to NYS Attorney General –


Gun Owners Foundation is challenging an anti-gun New York City law before the U.S. Supreme Court.

To possess a handgun in the home in the City requires a “premises license," where a person is prohibited from removing the firearm from the “premises.”  The only exceptions are transporting a handgun, unloaded and locked away, to an authorized hunting area or an “authorized small arms range/shooting club.”  There are only seven such locations in New York City.  The plaintiffs in this case are prohibited from taking their handguns to shooting ranges outside the city, or even to their second homes outside the city.

GOF has also filed a lawsuit in the Sixth Circuit Court against the ATF and DOJ to stop their ban on bump stocks. This ban violates federal law and sanctions hundreds of millions of unconstitutional "takings," where people are forced to forfeit their legally purchased property without compensation.  A successful challenge in this case will protect gun owners on many levels and will prevent a future anti-gun president from using these regs to ban AR-15s and other semi-automatic firearms.

Gun owners can support these cases by contributing here:


* NYS Senate Bill 9191
The first of what will be many antigun proposals.

Lawsuit/summons with notice filed against Cuomo, NYS AG. and NYSP Supt. 

Maximillian G. Tresmond, Esq. Tresmond & Tresmond
The Liberty Building 424 Main Street Suite 1908 Buffalo, New York 14202 United States of America
Telephone (716) 858.3115 Facsimile (716) 848.3116
Not for service of process



Please help cover the costs - GoFundMe


SECOND CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS—NEW YORK CITY Funding site with a copy of brief

For more information Jim Ostrowski
716-435-8918 cell, 716-834-1142 home






Jim Ostrowski's web site with lawsuit updates


Gun Owners of America, New York

Theres a new Second Amendment Rights Organization in NYS.

Watch the video on GOA NY Civil Rights Restoration Act

Attend GOANY meetings in Monroe County
The third Tuesday of every month
(No meeting in Dec)
at the Ely-Fagan American Legion Post 1151
260 Middle Rd., Henrietta, NY 14467

Click for guest speakers and other information




Webster , NY – Civil rights attorney Paloma A. Capanna announced the filing of a Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court in the case of Robinson, et al. v. Sessions, et al.  The Petition requests permission to appeal to the nation's high court, a privilege granted to approximately 80 cases per term (year).

The case of Robinson v. Sessions concerns the civil rights of individuals who lawfully purchase a firearm through a federally-licensed dealer, using the NICS background check system.  The government defendants have admitted it compares every firearms customer against the “Terrorist Screening Database,” even though a NICS-to-TSDB match cannot result in the denial of the attempted firearms purchase.  The Plaintiffs charge that this violates Brady Act restrictions on FBI use of a customer's personal information.

“This is outrageous,” said Bill Robinson, lead Plaintiff.  “The FBI has run more than 222 million background checks for firearms purchases against the Terrorist Screening Database without the legal authority to do so.  The Brady Act guaranteed our right to privacy for the information we fill out on the ATF Form 4473.  The FBI is violating the black letter of the law.”

Capanna describes the case as “unusual” because the government has already admitted all of the material allegations made against it.  “ Robinson v. Sessions needs to be heard by SCOTUS because the FBI reads and quotes the law, but then does not follow it.  If we can't stop the FBI's activities in this case where all the allegations are admitted, then we are one giant step closer to the implementation of a government super computer where all of your personal information is linked.”

The case was dismissed in the lower courts.  There, the judges said that the person who would have standing to bring such a lawsuit is a person alleged to be a “terrorist” as part of the TSDB.  The Plaintiffs are asking SCOTUS to reverse and grant standing to proceed with the case on the merits to obtain a permanent injunction against the FBI, ATF, Terrorist Screening Center, and the U.S. Attorney General.


PRESS CONTACT INFORMATION: Paloma A. Capanna, Attorney & Policy Analyst 633 Lake Road Webster , New York 14580 (585) 377-7260 (315) 584-2929 mobile



The case of Robinson v. Session is now docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court under number 17-1448. (Note that the 17-1427 number is the lower court number that was assigned at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.) The answer to the Petition is due from the office of the U.S. Solicitor General on May 21, 2018. After that magic May 21 date, the papers will advance to the clerks of the Justices. At some point, our Petition will hit a conference rotation and we'll have the greatest prayer revival of our lives on a given Friday. Stay tuned!

You can retrieve .pdf copies of all documents
associated with the case on this webpage.



A federal court is hearing testimony this week about bribes for gun permits in New York City.
By Dave Workman

A massive gun licensing scandal in New York City, now the subject of a Manhattan federal court trial, could easily be an indictment against so-called “discretionary issue” laws that allow authorities to decide who does or doesn't get to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, which is supposed to be protected from such corruption by the Constitution.

According to the New York Daily News, what happened in the New York Police Department's license division amounted to “greenbacks and goodies from Former Assistant Brooklyn District Attorney John Chambers and other gun expediters, to speed up the permitting process.”

Chambers is the first of seven people accused of bribing New York cops in order to smooth the process for getting a gun permit in The Big Apple, according to the New York Post. Gun rights activists have long complained that it takes an inordinate amount of time and expense to get a gun permit in the city.

Ironically, this trial has opened coincidental to the introduction of a national “purchaser licensing” gun control measure by outgoing Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, an anti-gun Democrat.

Published accounts so far have quoted former NYPD Sgt. David Villaneuva, a former supervisor in the License Division, who has testified that he accepted “greenbacks and goodies” from Chambers, a former assistant Brooklyn district attorney, and other so-called “gun expediters.” The purpose was allegedly to speed up the process for the privileged, to get or retain gun permits that can take many months for average citizens to obtain, provided their applications are approved.

These courtroom revelations could ultimately provide ample arguments for dismantling such “discretionary issue” systems, replacing them with the kinds of “shall issue” laws now in effect in dozens of states where police and sheriff's departments are required to issue licenses or permits to any qualified citizen who applies.

Instead, New York is clinging to what many believe is a discriminatory system, by only changing some of the ways it does business, along with changing the License Division staff.

The scandal erupted last year, nine years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a handgun ban in Washington, D.C., affirming that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.


School Shootings and the Second Amendment

Ralph Esposito

First let me say that no one in their right mind feels anything but horror and sadness at the terrible tragedies when a sick individual commits multiple shootings. Our hearts go out to the victims and families of such evil.

Putting a sign up saying this school is a gun free zone is not an answer. Using emotional theater by parading the victims and their families crying for strict gun control is also not an answer.

Years ago many schools had shooting ranges. It was not uncommon to see children walking in the halls of many schools with their rifles to get to the rifle club practice -- yet there were no mass shootings.

The media talking heads will denigrate the Second Amendment in this debate. In truth the Second Amendment does not give us the right to own firearms; it affirms that we have a right to have arms and explicitly stops the government from infringing on our owning firearms.

United States v. Cruikshank (1875), the Court ruled that "[t]he right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendment means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government.

How do we as a nation keep our children safe while not giving up the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? There are many suggestions. They span everything from banning guns to armed guards and allowing teachers to legally carry their handgun. At the Second Amendment Radio Show and GOANY we do not favor any type of gun ban or restriction. Looking at other countries that have strict gun control we see mass shootings happening. Just remember the shootings in France. Not only fully automatic rifles but grenades were used.

The 10 ton elephant in the room is that no amount of gun control will stop bad people from getting their hands on guns, explosives, knives and other things they can use to kill. A gallon of gas can fuel your car for 20 or 30 miles of driving or used to burn down a house. It is not the object but the person and their intent.

Response to the tragedy

Budd Schroeder

1.  Show empathy for the victims of the shooting.

2.  Focus on the need for more attention to those who indicate a tendency for violence.

3.  Pass a law to make it mandatory for school officials to alert law enforcement when they see a student who is showing tendencies for violent actions.

4. Stress the need for armed security in schools either by staff trained in proper responses and have the ability to be armed or having an armed person for security. That would add very little cost to a school budget.


New PAC formed

The 1791 Society

Organizational Constitution


We, the Undersigned residents of the State of New York , in order to defend the Rights of the People of the State of New York, do ordain this Organizational Constitution as the founding document of The 1791 Society, and set forth the purpose, structure, and rules of our Society as follows:

Purpose: The purpose of the 1791 Society is to support and defend the United States Bill of Rights in its entirety, as it is understood in the context of the case law of the Supreme Court of the United States . The People of the State of New York face an ever-growing threat from the trampling of an unjustifiably powerful executive branch on the Constitutional and legal rights of its residents. We have a duly elected Assembly and Senate that lacks the institutional power to act as a check and balance upon the Governor. We deplore all efforts to restrict, erode, or curtail the Constitutional Rights of New York's residents and we exist as an organization to reverse all such infringements.

Name of Organization: The organization shall be referred to as “The 1791 Society”. No other name may be used to describe the herein-created organization.

Official Position on Constitutional Interpretation: The 1791 Society hereby endorses the Fair Reading method of

Constitutional interpretation holding that “legal words mean what they conveyed to reasonable people at the time they were written, with the understanding that general terms may embrace later technological innovations.”

Membership: The members shall consist of all those individuals who duly affix their signature below this document. They shall provide the organization with their contact information and shall receive their membership information within thirty (30) days from the date of initial dues reception. Membership annual dues are affixed at twenty five ($25.00) United States Dollars, due within thirty (30) days of membership. Annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee and President within the first five (5) weeks of each calendar year. Members may only lose membership upon a finding of Just Cause by the Executive Committee and the consent of the President, or for failure to pay annual dues by April 1. Members hereby agree to resolve all legal disputes by binding and final arbitration, comprised of a three-panel arbitral tribunal selected by the parties. New York law shall govern dispute resolution. The situs of any arbitration shall be Buffalo , New York .

Membership Form PDF

For more information call 716-656-0350.
Carl A. Leas Treasurer, The 1791 Society PAC


Latest on NY SAFE Act lawsuits

Paloma Capanna Audio

Don Montgomery Audio

Donna McKay Audio


Video of the News Conference


View NY States reply to


Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos have both been arrested for corruption.

One to go!

NY SAFE Act Exclusive!

A conversation with Paloma Capanna, Second Amendment Attorney & Policy Analyst about the NY SAFE Act. Bill Robinson and Bob Savage host this interview for Second Amendment Radio. This includes all 3 of the 20 minute segments of the interview.


Newest interview of Paloma Capanna,
Second Amendment Attorney & Policy Analyst
about the NY SAFE Act


Note - this is Audio Only!


Bill's Mexico Border Adventures
with Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol

Pictures of Nacos, Nogales and more border towns

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Paul Babeu

Photographs of our Sponsor Businesses


NYS & National Gun control News

GOA News






Personal Defense and Firearms Training

Wounded Warriors Project



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GOA NY The Civil Rights Restoration Act - PDF Document

Albany, New York, January 9, 2017 -- "The Civil Rights Restoration Act" will guarantee the civil rights of all to Due Process, Equal Protection, Privacy, Property, and Second Amendment. It will strengthen family, amending the definition of "immediate family" to include "parents, brothers, and sisters." It will honor religious freedom for those of the Amish faith, allowing them to provide fingerprints, where a photograph requirement otherwise precludes purchase of a long gun for hunting to feed their family and community. It will expand the right to counsel to men and women defending their handgun license from "mental health" allegations. It provides for notification to more than 600,000 people who have already been reported, in secret, to the NYS Police and the FBI under "mental health" and other, disqualifying provisions.





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Thursday, Friday and Saturday Noon - 4 pm
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Our displays are designed to give our guests a glimpse into the different
periods of our military heritage.
Explore the stories and artifacts
that take you back into history!
Our collection covers U.S. military heritage from the War of 1812 through current times with a special focus on local veterans, stories and industries.

8419 State Route 54, Hammondsport, NY 14840, Phone (607) 569-2160

Open Sun to Sat 10 to 4 (Winter Hours)

The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, bearing the name of Hammondsport's favorite son, is located on State Route 54, one half mile south of the village of Hammondsport, New York. Dedicated to the memory of pioneer aviator, Glenn Curtiss, the museum contains a priceless collection relating to early aviation and local history. The museum also features a 75-seat theater, large open area for special events and a museum store. In addition to seeing the museum displays and exhibits, visitors are welcome to visit the Restoration Shop, talk with volunteer craftsman and watch them work on historic aircraft.
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Press Release

On 10/3/2014, The State of New York Department of State Committee on Open Government issued a four page “advisory opinion.” The Committee's opinion goes against Governor Cuomo's refusal to release NYSAFE Act information requested in FOIL filings

October 4, 2014


Albany, NY – The Committee on Open Government dealt a significant blow to Governor Cuomo and the New York State Police through their October 3, 2014 Advisory Opinion that there is no legal basis for the refusal to release aggregate statistical information about the “assault weapon” registry. This on the same day that three, powerful supporters of the Second Amendment served the Governor and the NYS Police with Petitions to demand production of information in response to earlier demands made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act during the past eight months. The groups filing suit are Gun Owners of America, and Bill Robinson (host of the syndicated “Second Amendment Radio Show”).

The Committee's Advisory Opinion follows eight months of work by these groups to get responses to this and other requests related to the 2013 SAFE Act. Although as a matter of procedure, it is generally the state agency that sends copies of the agency appeal papers to the Committee, the groups submitted its own copies to make sure that the Committee was informed of the difficulties they were experiencing.

The 4-page Advisory Opinion by the Committee could not be more clear: “…it is our opinion that disclosure of aggregate data or that which can be derived from the collected records and reported without identification of individual licensees is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law.”

“We are thrilled with the Opinion of the Committee on Open Government,” said Bill Robinson, whose weekly radio show is heard across New York from WYSL AM1040. “The work of the independent Committee on Open Government is particularly vital in a state like New York where the Governor says ‘transparency' but then hides from basic questions.”

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of the national organization Gun Owners of America pointed out, “Connecticut and Colorado released their registration information promptly upon deadline. It has been amazing to think that a state like New York has forced us to undertake so much legal work to try to gain such basic information.” Gun Owners of America has more than 750,000 members across the U.S. , including in New York .

The FOILs submitted by concerned Monroe County gun ownners, who wanted to ask a list of questions around the State Police “Field Guide” and website. Stephen J. Aldstadt, a Second Amendment Advocate, added, “The timing of the Opinion of the Committee on Open Government relative to our filing and service of the court cases to enforce our requests could not be more appreciated. It will underscore for the Supreme Court the appropriateness of our requests.”

The Opinion also excited George Rogero of the Orange County Shooters, who last year submitted a similar FOIL, which was also denied. Rogero, who blogged about his experience, had literally put out an all-call for an attorney to proceed with the matter into a courtroom. As George Rogero said, “You shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to get basic information from your government. The Freedom of Information request is the most basic of our ways to address our government, to learn information, and to fulfill our duties as an active citizenry in a democracy.”

The three lawsuits filed under New York Civil Practice Law & Rules Article 78 are returnable at the Albany County Supreme Court on Friday, November 7, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. Oral arguments are expected.


Bill Robinson, Co-host Second Amendment Radio Show
(585) 244-8832

Larry Pratt, Executive Director Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Plaza , Suite 102 Springfield , Virginia 22151
(703) 321-8585

George Rogero
(845) 781-0839

On 10/3/2014, The State of New York Department of State Committee on Open Government issued a four page “advisory opinion.”  The last two paragraphs state:

“Accordingly, due to the lack of reference in the statute, the statue's purpose of protecting applicants from harm, and legal precedent from the highest court requiring specific statutory authority, it is our opinion that disclosure of aggregate data or that which can be derived from the collected records and reported without identification of individual licensees is subject to disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law.

In our opinion, none of the discretionary exceptions appearing in §87(2) of the Freedom of Information Law would permit the State Police to deny access to aggregate data regarding firearm and assault weapon permits reported without identification of individual applicants.  On the contrary, we believe that data of that nature must be disclosed pursuant to § 89(2)(g)(i), which specifies that “statistical or factual tabulations or data” contained within internal agency records be disclosed.  Accordingly, it is our opinion that such non-identifying data is required to be disclosed upon request.”


Bill's Big Border Adventure
Bill took a trip to the US - Mexico border to see Glen Spencer.
Here are links for two videos. and photos

For more pictures and information
click here to go to Homeland Security and straight Talk


Click on the links below, videos are on YouTube

Part 1 Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol

at the Mexican Border

Part 2 Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol

at the Mexican Border

Web site link - American Border Patrol

Glenn Spencer is the president and founder of American Border Patrol. American Border Patrol is the only non-governmental organization (NGO) that monitors the border on a regular basis. For more information go to:

American Border Patrol
2160 E. Fry Blvd. #426
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone 520-803-7703 or 800-600-8642 - FAX 520-803-773

Ranch operations
American Border Patrol
11720 S. Border Monument Rd.
Hereford, AZ 85615

Web site -

US - Mexican Border

2 Border patrol trucks

Wayne's old spread

A closer look at Wayne's old spread


On the MEX/US/AZ border. River crossing & tank & car barrier. The San Pedro River


Our formidable border fence. OK stop laughing!

Another section of the fence.

Unmanned drones can guard the border

Glenn Spencer showing his unmanned border detection system

One of the drones

Glenn Spencer and visitor

Glenn's drones will automaticly launch when the unit detects any intrusion. The drone will fly to the area and transmit video back to the control station.

Pictures of Nacos, Nogales and more border towns

Bill meets Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona with Bill. Sheriff Joe has been a thorn in the side of the Obama Administration for his view that the border means something more than a turnstile for illegal immigrants to flood the United States.

Bill presented him with a NYS Compliant AR-15, red dot scope & a 10 round
magazine similar to the one presented to Sheriff Babeu on his last visit.
Arizona (Maricopa Co.) is now a SAFE place to live.
Everyone in Arizona can sleep safely again.

Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Bill meets Arizona's Sheriff Paul Babeu

Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona. Bill presented the Sheriff with a NY legal AR-15, including a 10 round mag. Arizona Democrats now feel safer knowing the law has an AR that holds 10 rounds.
(Please don't tell the drug cartels and other criminals they might laugh)

Video of Sheriff Babeu

Photos of a small portion of confiscated drugs in Pinal Co., AZ  They average 50,000 lbs of illegal drugs per year.

They also get several hundred confiscated
cars and trucks per year.

Question - What did the US illegally export to Mexico?

Answer - Thanks to the Obama Administration and Eric Holder, US Attorney General, The US exported thousands of illegal guns to Mexico. Many were used in crime and killings on both sides of the border. This was an effort to track illegal gun smuggling and propose more gun control in the US. Well the guns got to the drug cartels and criminals and no arrests were ever made. Holder did try to push more gun control, it failed once the outragious plan was uncovered. The body count is still rising from this bloody adventure.

Guns Don't Kill People

Drug Cartels and Criminals
who buy their guns from
the Obama Administration
Kill people





The Patriot of the year

Coming Soon!







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I write because words are as necessary to life as air and water. A civil rights lawyer by profession, in my personal writing I free myself and my readers from the rules that would otherwise inhibit the sharing of words as we actually experience them. I spend my time between homes in Webster, New York and in Beaufort, North Carolina.

The manuscript for "Nearly Fifty" was initially written by hand. Events started to cascade so quickly that there was no option but to grab a nearby pen and whatever paper was available and to start to write. In many ways, the writing was what kept me afloat. It was a way to process event after event after event. It was also a way to try to think through just what Kevin and I would do with our dog, Red.

"Nearly Fifty" turned out to be a celebration, thankfully, of the point in life of turning fifty years old. A literal milestone, to be sure. But the figurative part of it hadn't registered with me, until shortly before "Nearly Fifty" was published. We all know something of life, by virtue of living it. The question is can we find the courage to apply it and to live?

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