Almost every culture has what one would call demons. Some are very similar despite the differences in cultures and some very different. From the ghost researcher position (scientific not religious) if there is a possibility that when we die we pass on to another plain of existence then it is within that realm of possibility that some beings may never have been corporeal to begin with. (corporeal meaning flesh and blood).

If we are open to the possibility that ghosts and spirits belong in a different dimension of existence. Ghosts are in some way trapped or choose to stay here in our dimension while spirits can and do pass through (sometimes back and forth) to the other dimension. What was in the other dimension to begin with? If you are religious then you might say God. If you are not, then it is still within the realm of possibility that some life form could evolve in an alternate dimension.

This line of postulation gives rise to all sorts of interesting possibilities. For instance many believe that animals have spirits. If that is true then did all life that came before us have spirits? Trilobites, fish, dinosaurs, etc. and where are their ghosts? Did they all pass over to the other dimension? Just how long can a ghost stay in this dimension? Could their spirits be the things we call demons? Or did the life forms that developed in the other dimension use their spirits as a sort of template to explore this dimension?

A more common theory is that demons are fallen angels, like Lucifer. They were his followers who were banished from heaven. Anyone who has experienced being in the presence of even a weak demon will tell you it is something you won't forget or want to repeat.





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