Paranormal Investigation

Highland Park - Rochester, NY

June 26, 2005

8:30 -10:30 PM

On Sunday, June 26, 2005 nine of us went for an informal ghost hunt walk in Highland Park. We went through the following areas:

Area where Frederick Douglass's house once stood.

The site of 3 deaths, two suicides and a murder.

Near the area of the old insane Asylum.

General area of the old Poor House.

General area of the old Penitentiary.

General area of the graveyard and agricultural fields.

I have noted the "feelings" of the sensitive members of the group. It is next to impossible to scientifically document the validity of their feelings and therefore they cannot be considered as anything but an interesting side note.

The Douglass home site. Who's watching who in the park? Roger was getting sporadic spot temperature readings in the low 30's (F) with an IR thermometer. Average ambient temperature was mid 70's (F) at the time.


One of several very bright orbs we got pictures of on the hunt.

As we left the Douglass home site several orbs (upper right) seemed almost watching us go.
This is an extreme enlargement of a cluster of orbs over a field.
This orb is blurred and as the background is not this seems to suggest the orb was moving.
Ray, a sensetive felt a murder had taken place by this tree, close by where the orb is hovering. He had not seen the picture when he told us of his feelings.
I have never seen this type of phenomena before (close up in upper left). It was near the tree where a suicide was committed.
The walkway by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
This is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial area. I am using divining rods, a large orb and an unknown object are caught in the frame. It was not seen by anyone and there was enough ambient light to see anything that large. Both were caught at the same time in pics from a different angle.
Tom took this shot from a different angle (90 degrees) within seconds of Roger. Well what do you know it's the orb and it seems to be about the same size as the one in the first shot. This would indicate that the orb is not a spot on the lens a speck of dust near the lens or flare.
Tom took this shot a few seconds later. The orb is gone but the unknown object appears in this picture.

While at the Veterans memorial Ray has a close encounter. Yes the orb appears to be behind his head. Which would make it about 7-8 inches in diameter. Here Roger was more getting sporadic spot temperature readings in the low 30's (F) with an IR thermometer. Average ambient temperature was in the high 60's(F) at the time.

This is a mist in an area where the old graveyard was. Prisoners, slaves, asylum inmates and those who died in the poor house would have been buried here. In the 1980's a construction project dug up a number of bodies when they put in new pipe lines. No other mist was visible in any other photos taken at this location. The lights are buildings in the distance across the field.

Looking down on the Vietnam Veterans sitting area.

All photographs taken by Ralph Esposito unless otherwise noted.


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