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Ralph Esposito - Paranormal Consulting and Investigations.

A professional photographer and videographer for almost 30 years, with degrees in Audio Visual (MCC) and Professional Photography (RIT). The paranormal has always held a great interest for me. In the past several years I began to learn more about about various paranormal theories and the links to religions and the spiritual.

Most recently I have written GHOSTS OF GENESEE COUNTY, available through most bookstores, including Barnes and Nobles. My first book is available through Amazon.com. GHOSTS OF OLD ROCHESTERVILLE, a book of ghost stories from the Rochester, NY area. In addition I co-host a show called MYSTIC ENCOUNTERS on Monroe County Cable Access.

My investigative forte is photography and video. In my research I have photographed orbs, mists and other strange phenomena. Also, I have taken video of orbs in motion, flying objects and other things which were unseen by the members of the investigation team at the time. These have served to increase my interest to seek out the reasons and truth behind the phenomena.

In addition to some of the examples of the interesting phenomena I have captured in photographs and video I also have an article section. I discuss the many possibilities both natural and paranormal of what is in the photographs and video.

I use both film and digital cameras including infrared imaging in my research. Other equipment include EMF meters, IR thermometers and digital sound recorders.

If you wish a consultation or investigation please contact me via e-mail and I would be happy to discuss it with you. Investigations are conducted with a group of very talented paranormal investigators. The investigations themselves are free, however our travel is generally limited to the Western NY area. It may be possible to make arrangements for travel depending on circumstances.

Live in the Monroe County area and interested in Ghost Hunting? Then come to our monthly meetings and open hunts.

I am also available for lectures, ghost hunting techniques classes and group ghost hunts. Please contact me for more details.

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East Coast Paranormal

Western NY Ghost Hunters


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My Two Newest Books

"Mystic Encounters Guide to Ghost Hunting"


"The Ghost Detectives and Silverton's Treasure"





Ghostly Legends From Legends of America  - Articles, personal testimonials, and ghostly legends of the American West.


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