Paranormal Investigation

Mt. Hope Cemetery

June 5, 2005

5:30 -7:30 PM



On Sunday, June 5, 2005 four of us went for an informal ghost hunt walk in Mt. Hope Cemetery. We wandered through one of the older sections in the west side of the Cemetery.

I have noted the "feelings" of the sensitive members of the group. It is next to impossible to scientifically document the validity of their feelings and therefore they cannot be considered as anything but an interesting side note.

First we took some pictures in several mausoleums here is an orb I caught in one of them

From this mausoleum Ray, who is sensitive to paranormal phenomena was getting feelings of loneliness. Note orb at waist level on his left.

Photo by Roger Lebeau.

Ray felt the presence of Mrs. Strong looking for her husband.

While looking at this monument I recorded this EVP.

Click Here to Hear EVP

The flag was moving and at one point fully opened. There was no breeze we could detect, nor was the nearby grass or leaves moving.

Ray felt the presence of a child near the grave playing with the flag.

The bright orb like objects are seed pods not orbs.

Close up of the headstone.

All photographs taken by Ralph Esposito unless otherwise noted.


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