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Latest on NY SAFE Act lawsuits

Paloma Capanna Audio

Don Montgomery Audio

Donna McKay Audio


The 2015 Constitution Day Dinner

2015 Monroe County Clerks
of the Year

Cheryl Dinolfo, Monroe, Frank Merole, Rennselaer, Micheal Jankowski, Wayne, Linda Compton, Schuyler, Chris Jacobs, Erie, Don Read, Genesee, Matthew Hoose, Ontario, M. Indica Jancox, Schoharie.
Brian Kolb, Master of Ceremonies
Shannon Joy & Barbra Collins
accepting for Bill Nojay,
2015 Patriot Award
Paloma Capanna, 2015 Patriot Award
Peter Haidt, 2015 Patriot Award
Dr. Bob Savage , 2015 Patriot Award
Charles Schiano, 2015 Madison Award

Cheryl Dinolfo, Monroe County Clerk

Keynote Speaker

Video of Cheryl's speech



Video of the News Conference

Second Amerndment Show and SCOPE WIN
a Huge Victory for Transparency and
Open Government in New York


View NY States reply to


NY SAFE Act Exclusive!

A conversation with Paloma Capanna, Second Amendment Attorney & Policy Analyst about the NY SAFE Act. Bill Robinson and Bob Savage host this interview for Second Amendment Radio. This includes all 3 of the 20 minute segments of the interview.


Newest interview of Paloma Capanna,
Second Amendment Attorney & Policy Analyst about the NY

Note - this is Audio Only!


Other SAFE Act information

SCOPE's White Paper on the Second Amendment by Paloma Capanna,
Second Amendment Attorney & Policy Analyst


To bring public attention to the secret reporting system, SCOPE is campaigning during the month of May to help people to c omplete and submit FOILs to the NYS Police to demand individual records.


Bill's Mexico Border Adventure
with Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Paul Babeu

Link to NY Safe Act Lawsuits

Second Amendment Attorney
Paloma A. Capanna Attorney & Policy Analyst
633 Lake Road Webster, New York 14580

585.377.7260 office 585.377.7268 facsimile


Bill's Big Border Adventure
Bill took a trip to the US - Mexico border to see Glen Spencer.
Here are two videos and a few of the photos he shot.


Click on the links below, videos are on YouTube

Part 1 Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol

at the Mexican Border

Part 2 Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol

at the Mexican Border

Web site link - American Border Patrol

Glenn Spencer is the president and founder of American Border Patrol. American Border Patrol is the only non-governmental organization (NGO) that monitors the border on a regular basis. For more information go to:

American Border Patrol
2160 E. Fry Blvd. #426
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone 520-803-7703 or 800-600-8642 - FAX 520-803-773

Ranch operations
American Border Patrol
11720 S. Border Monument Rd.
Hereford, AZ 85615

Web site -

US - Mexican Border

2 Border patrol trucks

Wayne's old spread

A closer look at Wayne's old spread


On the MEX/US/AZ border. River crossing & tank & car barrier. The San Pedro River


Our formidable border fence. OK stop laughing!

Another section of the fence.

Unmanned drones can guard the border

Glenn Spencer showing his unmanned border detection system

One of the drones

Glenn Spencer and visitor


Nogales Arizona, Border Town

Nogales International Airport
Extingish all joints, hash pipes and bongs as we prepare to land at Nogales International.
Naco Arizona, Border Town

Sasabe Arizona, Border Town
Douglas Arizona, Border Town

Mexican government building.


It was built by YOU, the US tax payer, We PROVIDE 90% of the funding to build it..

Village of Arivaca, Arizona
Historic Ruby Arizona Old Mine/Ghost Town.
N ear Village of Arivaca


Bill meets Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona with Bill. Sheriff Joe has been a thorn in the side of the Obama Administration for his view that the border means something more than a turnstile for illegal immigrants to flood the United States.

Bill presented him with a NYS Compliant AR-15, red dot scope & a 10 round
magazine similar to the one presented to Sheriff Babeu on his last visit.
Arizona (Maricopa Co.) is now a SAFE place to live.
Everyone in Arizona can sleep safely again.

Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio



Video of Steve Klien at the border * Video of the border

If you are interested in more of Steve Klien's commentary.

NOTE: Steve Klien's views are not those of
the Homeland Security and Straight Talk show or WYSL.

Bill meets Arizona's Sheriff Paul Babeu

Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona. Bill presented the Sheriff with a NY legal AR-15, including a 10 round mag. Arizona Democrats now feel safer knowing the law has an AR that holds 10 rounds. (Please don't tell the drug cartels or any other criminals they might laugh)

Video of Sheriff Babeu

Photos of just a small portion of the illegal drugs that are seized in Pinal Co., AZ.  They average about 50,000 lbs every year.

They also seize several hundred cars and trucks per year that were used in illegal activities - aka drug running.

Enough to make several Cheech and Chong movies!
Every ounce a pound of human misery...



The 2014 Constitution Day Dinner

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America

Keynote Speaker

Video of Larry's speech


The Patriot of the year:

Coming Soon!




The Vermin of the year:

The Vermin of NY

Congratulations Governor Andrew Cuomo

The Gov posing with the ex leaders of the NYS Senate and Assembly.

Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos have been arrested for corruption. Gov. Cuomo you may be next!

Photo courtesy of


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